The Dormant Awaken-
Is a web series done by one person- Diego Fontanive
It was filmed in 3 countries, India Singapore and Bali Indonesia.

What its about:
How many different ways are there to think?
Are we sure we are thinking? 
How many beliefs, practices, rules and even insanity do we need in order to reach 'understanding of our confusion'?
How is it possible that our beliefs are thinking for us?

We apologize for the poor english in the web series (the series was filmed between 2010 -2011 when Diego just started to learn english.
Diego himself no longer feels comfortable with this web series because he was not aware he was making spiritual references when at that time he was not so aware of the spiritual new age movement or that certain Italian words such as 'psychic' which means the mind, means something completely diferent to english speakers.

Diego was in way promoting the spiritual new age movement in this web series.
Regardless of this myself and many others do still find this a valid, helpful and very interesting even refreshing documentary.
We hope you will enjoy it anyway :)
So far it has gotten rave reviews.

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