The Orientations were written to cultivate inquiry and promote rational, sober thinking, and a deeper understanding of psycho-          social/ existential confusion that often comes from illogical beliefs. The content inevitably leads to exposing irrationality, especially
   in pseudoscience, beliefs and ideologies that even some so-called skeptics are unable to detect.

   They are aimed to shake up the mind by exploring the psychological impact of beliefs, mind-sets and spiritual practices and the
   harm they do to the psyche. The content is written in a way to try and get the reader to slow down a bit and stir one to think. 
   We tend to focus on the end, the result or answer of something, constantly occupied by actions and ideas of actions, which
   creates a constant traffic of thoughts. Often we may read something, but we are not even really attentive to what we are reading
   and our process of thinking concerning what we are reading, we are just racing through other thoughts, thinking about our plans,
   what happened or will happen or might happen, and so on. 
   Some may find these contents difficult to comprehend, but they are not designed to be so easy. Rather, they are created with the
   intention to stir people to really think, in a way that they may not have thought in a long time, having been buried by so many

   Our Orientations have been shared by Universities and read at United Nations meetings, they have also been applied by                  Psychologists.
   Also note that words you would normally find capitalized have not been capitalized intentionally in order to make the reader stop        and think about societal structures and programming and their use in language. The author has also taken liberties with the              language itself and created terms that express his concepts, but not necessarily in a  way those words are traditionally used.

​   Some
 readers find the contents incomprehensible, too controversial, or even outrageous. How will the Orientations be for you?


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