Main Questions and Topics That We Explore
  • Why do you make up imaginary problems?
  • Why is irrationality more alluring?  
  • Why are we the most intelligent species yet the most cognitively disturbed of all species?  
  • Wherever there is love, there is also a certain amount of conflict. How are they linked?
  • Why do we strive for  peace but are unable to achieve it (psychologically first, then externally)?  
  • Why do why have the tendancy to be slaves to our beliefs, identity, answers and 'our truths'?
  • Why are we unable to make the distinction between believing and knowing?
  • What are most psychology studies overlooking?  
  • What is our educational system overlooking? 
  • Why is knowledge and learning not enough?  
  • Why do solutions often reveal themselves as an extension of an unexplored problem?  
  • How can hope be a trap?
  • Understanding what is behind psychological addiction, non clinical depression, loneliness and anxiety.
  • Understanding how we deceive ourselves first, before anyone else.
  • Why arn't we interested in studying our own contradictions and gullibility?