Support letter from Lisa Romero PHD Psychologist

I have had several long talks for several years with Diego, during which we have touched very important issues about our lives as human beings, but above all we have underlined the fact that most of us are attached to all sorts of strange beliefs that prevent us from seeing our inner self and the facts of the external world with clarity.
So, we started this long journey together, questioning the need we have for finding security in absurd ways of thinking, which are so harmful for our lives and create conflicts in our psyche and among human beings.
I have submitted him several times problems related both to my personal life and my professional life as a psychologist and each time I found he was able to penetrate each situation at 360°, with a mind that was always clear, alert, capable of pointing out every side of the problem, thus making our conversations full of energy, stimulating a rational and yet deep thinking, which made me feel as if revitalized afterwards.
Nothing was strange to him; nothing was too odd to be faced with a bold attitude, with no irrational fear of encountering awkward sides that could not be freely observed. Every aspect of life seemed to be familiar to him, both for what concerns our daily life problems related to work or to the relationship with our friends, family members or partners.
He also showed uncommon skills in understanding the most serious psychiatric conditions, such as the ones we can find in mentally disturbed people.
The purposes of his EOF Project are, to my thinking, a courageous attempt to attack irrational fear, which is the seed of all our misfortunes. So, from every possible angle, scientific and emotional, he is fighting to destroy all sorts of biases, ideologies and beliefs that put a barrier to healthy choices in our lives and minds.
As hard as it may be, this path he has indicated is worthwhile being considered with utmost attention, if we want to be free from the burdens, which so heavily condition our lives.
- Lisa Tassone Romero
PHD Psychologist, Milan, (Italy)
A  Letter to Psychologists and Universities, or any other Professionals

(Please feel free to share this at your universities, institutes, organizations, or with other professionals  who you think may be interested on our behalf.)

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am contacting you to introduce the EOF Project.

Our objective is to connect and work with Academics who share our common interest in studying theratical psychological on confusion through metacognitive thinking, creating a profound understanding of the human psyche and cognition.

We do not claim to dissolve depression (we are not doctors); rather we address the relationship with psychological despondency through observation and self-inquiry resulting in genuine liberation of the mind and reduction of stress.

Depression and psychological discomfort (according to statistics) have dramatically increasing on a global scale. There are many available therapies, techniques, self help books, life coaches, medicines treatments, ‘spiritual new ageism’, and great advances in technology. Yet, now more than ever the masses are struggling with an overwhelming sense of mental suffering. Various forms of despair also affect many professionals working in the various fields of mental health, who are themselves acknowledging that their practices rarely do more than have a ‘band-aid effect’.How is it that the ‘new age’ mentality has been so widely adopted by professionals? How is this affecting not only the minds of their clients but their own?

The question needs to be asked: What are we missing or overlooking?

EOF is on the list for application to current psychological practices as they have worked with The United Nations at their Conference in Belgrade City Hall, 24-25 October 2014. Prominent psychologist Lisa Romero, from Milan, Italy, is one of the psychoanalysts agreeing with the relevance of EOF inquiries. As part of her appreciation of our theories, she assisted in organising the collaboration with the United Nations and the University of Tucson Arizona’s Department of Consciousness Study, inviting Diego Fontanive, founder of the EOF to write an article for the “Towards a Science of Consciousness” 2011 global conference in Stockholm (also organised by the Mind Event in Sweden).

We are receiving significant results working with people in a range of mental states and illnesses. Our results are measured through the observation of psychological despondency comparing before and after 1 to 1 weekly sessions in the 1-Year study. What we have to share can evolve your practice, and perhaps even enrich your passion for psychological practices.

We have set up The EOF Project to introduce how we have been working with people, what we have been thinking, and to answer initial questions that this will incite. Further to this we are willing to have EOF researched as a Theoretic Science Study, and are happy to do interviews and discussions in any platform, whether it be seminars, lectures, academic textbooks, newspapers or magazines.

A brief history on the backgrounds of The EOF founders:

Diego Kricek Fontanive is from Venice Italy and has an extensive background in Political Science, Sociology and Psychology. He founded The EOF Project as a response to the flawed systems and structures that dampen and contaminate our ability to think which results in psychological suffering and many of the world’s problems.

Diego’s passion motivated him to write numerous articles for some prominent members of the psychological community, who now have him writing and sharing his observations with the U.N. He has also, in one year, written over 12 books, a series entitled ‘Orientation.’ He is adept at anticipating and understanding what should be some of humanity’s biggest concerns: the health of our mind, for example, and the legacies we will leave future generations.  


Jessica Schab was a frequent Spiritual New Age speaker at conferences and was featured in documentaries and radio shows across North America and Europe.  She renounced the “New Age” path after she concluded that it causes psychological harm; though she chose to keep her title, Jessica Mystic, so that people could see how she has evolved.


Thank you for your time and willingness to understand more deeply the intricate nature of the mind.

Please contact us to inquire further into the practices of The EOF Project.

Kind Regards,

Diego Fontanive and Jessica Schab