If you've read some of the Orientations and now want to apply them this page offers you to the opportunity      to inquire into them in more depth. Reading something is one thing, but it's another thing altogether to      
   understand such content in a practical way. The ability to un derstand and study your confusion requires
   self- analysis and personal investigation.
   First, we need to sharpen our discernment. We can be experts of our mind. After all, we should be experts
   of our mind, since we have to live with ourselves 24/7. How can we live peacefully with our own psyche if
   we do not understand it? Here are some exercises, articles, inspiration, support, and videos to inquire into       that provides tools to decrease our psychological discomfort.
   We invite you to study the following materials. If you want to take it up a notch, please go to our
   coaching  and online course .

The Madness of Our Interpretations