Coming 2018

All Is Not Well,
An Investigation Into our Gamble with the Pysche

About The  Documentary

 What if our thinking was only driven by culturalassumptions and hidden fear?
This film is a provocation to decode the mental and social dynamicsthat cause mankind’s
blindness, struggles and violenceas a reflection of the quality of our thinking.


Mankind has achieved progress in so many ways these past 50,000 years, but psychological evolution is still far from a solid realisation. Why? This film takes us on a thought-provoking ride through some of the greatest uncharted territory yet – man’s mysterious psyche itself.
“All Is Not Well” reflects on our historical and personal way of life, which we will show is mainly characterised by psychological confusion and our restless need to cling to beliefs. Why do we so often choose to think through pre-packaged cultural, religious and ideological values as an attempt to find solutions that paradoxically have, time and time again, resulted in irrational conflicts? If we do not deal with this question, then we will continue, stuck, in a never-ending gamble with our psyche.

A documentary film by Diego Fontanive

Co-written with Jessica Schab and Élisabeth Feytit
Produced by L'Esprit et la Matière, Élisabeth Feytit